Bedford Consulting & Associates
"C4 Services"
Welcome to Bedford Consulting & Associates web site. Our business is to help people, communities and organizations work together effectively through Communication, Consultation, group Collaboration and Conflict resolution (hence, the C4 in our tag line). Our C4 services include:

* Design, plan, facilitate and evaluate external relations programs as a key part of the project management process

*Avoid or resolve conflict through third party assessment, facilitated negotiation, mediation and ombudservice

Through relationships with associate companies with experts in environmental sciences, cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, law, facilitation and socio-economic assessment, we can offer a full spectrum of services to support communities and organizations achieve their goals.

We made a conscious decision to keep our website very simple because our services and your success rest on meaningful and direct communication. We hope you will contact us to set up that direct connection.
Contact Information
Email :
Phone :
(905) 838-4256
Address :
877 The Grange Road
Caledon, Ontario
Canada, L7C 0E4
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